Wolverine Society

Wolverine Society is a decentralized NIL collective aiming to empower the voices of all Michigan Sports fans. Owning a membership pass enables fans to support the University of Michigan student-athletes by submitting proposals, voting on these proposals, and deciding how to spend the community treasury.


Blake Corum Signed Memorabilia Giveaway

I am proposing we give away one Blake Corum signed football to a lucky member of the Wolverine Society

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Wolverine Society Charter

This is the official vote to implement a charter for Wolverine Society. The charter will detail the rules and bylaws of this organization; all disputes will be resolved based on the rules and bylaws set out by the community. If approved, further voting will be necessary in order to implement changes and/or additions to the charter

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2023 Roadmap Development

This is the official vote for the 2023 Wolverine Society roadmap. If approved, the community will be able to add or edit this roadmap through the passing of additional proposals.

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