Canes Society

Canes Society is a NIL collective and Miami Hurricanes athletics community which has been built by Canes fans, for Canes fans! Hurricanes fan can directly support the advancement of University of Miami athletics in a fully transparent way. The Season 1 Pass NFT will serve as proof of membership, granting everyone equal voting rights, and allowing us to pool our resources and fund our goals in a completely transparent and democratic way via the Canes Society Clubhouse.


Meet and Greet with Canes Players

It would be fantastic if we could spend some money partnering with a local bar to do this meet and greet with Canes players. What do you guys think?

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Miami Tailgate party Next month

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Canes Society Season 1 Treasury Allotment

This will be the official vote deciding the treasury allotment for Season 1 of Canes Society. This treasury allotment will include percentages devoted to Community costs, NIL deals, core team operational costs, Draftly take rate, & more. This will guide our treasury for Season 1.
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Canes Society Season 1 Roadmap

This is the official vote for Roadmap of Season 1. This will be the blueprint for success over the next 10 months, & the community will be able to add or edit this roadmap through the passing of an additional proposal.
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Provide NIL Support to Miami Women's Volleyball Team

I am proposing that the Canes Society uses a portion of its Treasury allotment to support the Hurricanes women's volleyball team. We should reach out to women's volleyball team members and ask them to tweet about Canes Society in exchange for NIL compensation. Let's show other NIL collectives that we can support ALL Hurricane athletes and teams!
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Canes Society Charter

The Canes Society charter details the rules and bylaws of this organization. All disputes will be resolved based on these passed laws of the community. Once this proposal has been passed, this charter will be set in stone and require another proposal for any edits or addendums to the charter.
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Latest Announcements

Join us on Discord!

The Canes Society Discord server is where you can chat with other Canes fans, play games, & more! This is where the day-to-day communication will take place, so join now:

Season Two Membership Pass Coming Soon!

If you think season one was crazy, wait and see what we have ready for you guys in season two. New membership is dropping soon!

Welcome to Canes Society!

This is the first EVER announcement within the Canes Society clubhouse! We will use the announcement channel to notify our members of important updates, new community proposals, & other information vital to the community.

Go Canes!

Where looking for Partnerships!

The Canes Society team is looking to partner with location Miami businesses. If you know anyone that would be interested please tell them to contact us at


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